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We teach you Studio One... ​From Scratch!

When you join S1 JumpStart right now…
Here’s everything you get, instantly!

7 Video Modules that will will teach you all the fundamentals of Studio One:

Module 1: Intro & Overview

Prepare to have Studio One demystified! We'll show you how the program is laid out, what each area of the screen means, and how to navigate around the interface!

Duration: 24m

Module 2: Maximizing Setup

We make sure your Version 4 is set up correctly, explain the 4 Steps to Nirvana, and get your first Template and Toolbar active.

Duration: 36m

Module 3: Configuring S1 for VO/Narration

Here's where Studio One really starts to get cool...we'll show you how to set your own Template once, then have S1 remember your settings EACH TIME you start a new project!

Duration: 50m

Module 4: Basic Recording / Punch & Roll Foundations

It's time to record your first script in Studio One! We take you through the basics and common pitfalls of recording a track. Stuff that sometimes confuses VO talent? It won't confuse you. We give you a fun script to work from and practice your newfound S1 skills...and your VO talent!

Duration: 52m

Module 5: Exporting Your First Script

You have a you'll learn to export it like a boss! Utilizing the included Baarns GOLD Narrators Toolbar, we show you how to export to MP3, WAV, or your needed format quickly and easily.

Duration: 1hr 3m

Module 6: Basic Editing

Events, Ranges, Marking, and Tracking for sounds complicated, but once we teach you about these foundational concepts, you won't be intimidated anymore; in fact, you'll see how powerful and helpful Studio One's editing functions can be.

Duration: 58m

Module 7: Tips, Tricks, & Wrapup

We show you additional Punch & Roll details and editing tips, and give you even more miscellaneous techniques and tricks to make your Studio One JumpStart complete!

Duration: 50m

About Your Instructor

My name is Don Baarns, and I’ve spent years studying, optimizing, and teaching Studio One to people just like you! I’ve given thousands of private lessons to folks who are setting up and using S1 for the first time, and now, you can tap into that knowledge and convenience…on your own time!


Don't Be Intimidated Anymore!

These 7 video modules are available for you to review as many times as you want…
Buy once, and enjoy unlimited access!

Each module includes a Challenge Checklist, designed to help you lock in what you’ve just learned.

What People Are Saying...

“I'm loving this course, Don! Thanks so much for putting it together. I'll probably be referring back to these videos...forever.”
Sarah Nessel
“[Don] promised me that I'd be amazed, and I was skeptical... but he was right! Do it. And if you're on the fence, ask around. You're gonna find a lot of people who've benefited from him”
Sheri Lair Saginor
“Having the JumpStart videos guide you through the initial process...Don explains it so clearly, and in a very compassionate, non-stressful way. He speaks in a language that everyone can understand. If find it really easy to work with now, and I feel like I work so much faster now than I did before.”
Anna Crowe
“The course is PRICELESS! I can't speak highly enough about the JumpStart courses; they saved my VO's been the best thing I've done.”
“Congrats, Don Baarns! Well done. Having spent several hours with you, one-on-one, as well as watched many hours of your tutorials...your new S1 JumpStart video class is an incredible value. Anyone new to S1, and even the vets, can become more productive and really hone their craft.”
“It's worth the investment, it's worth the time to watch the videos. If you're serious about doing voiceover, audiobooks, is DEFINITELY worth the time and the money.”
“I started with Audacity and was able to get my audio in a good place...that being said, I made the switch to Studio One this year and wish I had done it sooner. I took Don Baarns' JumpStart course and it has made the whole process a million times easier and faster. Not only is it going faster but my audio has a higher quality sound. And I am somewhat impatient when it comes to learning tech stuff, so the course was definitely worth it."
“The S1 JumpStart video classes are a goldmine for anyone looking to get started with Studio One! I can't wait to see the S1 Advanced Classes, not to mention the RX series! These classes are such a bargain!”
Jon Oak
“This has absolutely been worth it to me...I know it's scary when you're looking at a piece of software that you haven't used before, but quite frankly, I wish I'd done it sooner.”
Jonathan Salkoff
“For anybody who's thinking about whether or not they should jump in, I say 'Go for it'. It's completely doable, it's comfortable, and fun, actually! The lessons are enjoyable. You feel like you're in the room.”
Laura Patinkin Urken

Is This Course Right For You?

S1 JumpStart isn’t for everyone!



30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you can’t see value from this course within the next 30 days, I demand that you fire us from your business and you get your refund.

But I’m confident you’ll learn and grow from this training, and that you’ll send us a testimonial telling us how much time it’s saved you in your projects!

And if that’s not enough… How about some FREE bonuses?

When you buy S1 JumpStart now, you’ll also get access to the
Baarns GOLD TimeSaver Package!

THREE Baarns GOLD Templates

Baarns Narration Gold (Audiobooks) Template:
Saves time, getting your production out the door sooner, getting you on the road even faster.
Battle tested! Over 110,000 chapters submitted per year based on this system.
Hit ACX/Publisher specs AND have great quality audio ($97 Value)
Baarns VO Gold Template:
Time savings, higher volumes and optimized for Voice Over projects.
Win more auditions, speed up your workflow and sound great from that first production.
Baarns Podcaster Template:
This template is pre-set for recording and producing podcasts, including a track for intro & outro music! ($97 Value)

Baarns GOLD Toolbars

Baarns GOLD VO/Narrators Toolbar:
Years of refinement, time saving shortcuts for you.
Over a dozen customizable single-click shortcuts that cover almost everything you'll ever do in StudioOne! ($97 Value)

Baarns GOLD VO/Narrators "S" Toolbar:
Want a shortened version of the Gold Toolbar that takes up even less space? You got it! ($97 Value)

Bonus Tutorial Videos

Installing Templates & Toolbars Quick-Guide Video:
I'll show you, step-by-step, how to install your templates and toolbars,
so that they show up when you start StudioOne, every time! ($47 Value)

"Getting the Most Out of the GOLD Toolbar & GOLD Template"
Tutorial Video:
A detailed walk-through of how to use your new powerful tools and templates to save as much time and hassle as possible! ($97 Value)

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  • Free Bonus: 60-minute 1-on-1 video chat tuning session with Don
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
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S1 JumpStart + S1 Advanced
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  • TWO Entire courses today!
  • Free Bonus: 30-minute 1-on-1 video chat tuning session with Don
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions (click to reveal answers):

These are designed with Studio One Version 4.5 and later (including Version 5!). If you’re using an earlier version, we strongly recommend you upgrade (whether you buy our course or not!)

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