Nobody does courseware like Baarns.

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RX Jumpstart v2 (for RX 10 and Beyond!)

VOJumpstart Mastering Conversational Reads


Easy Punch and Roll in a DAY-S1 v6 and up!

What People Are Saying...

“Congrats, Don Baarns! Well done. Having spent several hours with you, one-on-one, as well as watched many hours of your tutorials...your new S1 JumpStart video class is an incredible value. Anyone new to S1, and even the vets, can become more productive and really hone their craft.”

“I’m loving this course, Don! Thanks so much for putting it together. I’ll probably be referring back to these videos…forever.”
Sarah Nessel
“The S1 JumpStart video classes are a goldmine for anyone looking to get started with Studio One! I can’t wait to see the S1 Advanced Classes, not to mention the RX series! These classes are such a bargain!”
Jon Oak
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