Baarns Gold Macro Toolbar 1 – Files & Recording

Video Review – Details you want to know

What does the Files > “Down Triangle” icon do?

Shows you a list of all the open files (songs) you could switch to immediately. 

All open files (and the “Start/Home Page”) show up in this list.

This is the same list you’ll get from the “Documents” icon in the upper right corner of the screen (minus the “Start/Home Page” which has its own icon in the upper right).

What do “File > Save” or “Close” do?

In the toolbar for one-click convenience.

Identical to using the File > Close/Save menus (but saves a click). SAVE early, save often while recording/editing. Do not rely on the “AutoSave”, or wait until you are 100% done with your project.

These also have Default Keyboard Shortcuts you should consider learning (especially “Save”), because the same shortcuts work in Studio One, iZotope RX, Word, Excel, Audacity, Paint, and 327 other programs on your computer.

Ctrl/Cmd+S = “File Save”
Ctrl/Cmd+W=”File Close” 

What does “X” toward top right of screen do? (NOT WHAT MOST Think) (2:32)

The “X” to the far right of the Macro Toolbar closes the Toolbar, NOT the file!

Click on it and you’ll see “Robo-guy” icon turns gray, and the macro toolbar is hidden. 

Click on “Robo-guy” icon to open the Macro Toolbar if it’s not showing.

What does little right diagonal arrow do? (right side of Macrobar) (3:05)

The diagonal arrow “Detaches” the macro toolbar into its own window, which can be moved around the screen (or to another screen if you have multiple).

Optionally, with a right-click on the detached toolbar can be changed to “Vertical” view.

Verticle view puts all buttons in rows, with each group in its own row. You can move either detached toolbar anyplace on your screen(s).

Pro Tip: When you want it back in the original location, click on the “Attach” arrow that is now in the upper right corner of your “Detached” window. (TRY IT!)

Will my macro buttons all have identical names to the video above? (5:49)

RARELY! We’re always tweaking details based on feedback and sometimes find a better name for a button, or we have added a new button that is NOT in this video…

As of 6.1.x, there is some new functionality (available AFTER this video was created) that will lead to a few new shortcut buttons that will be available to you ASAP.

Which is the “Crap” key and what KB shortcut is usually assigned to it? (7:28)

The first button in the “While Recording” group is officially the “Undo +Restart Record with PreRoll” macro, lovingly known as the “Crap key” as in “Oh crap, I don’t like this take…” (Hover over the buttons to see their names.)

This is usually assigned to the “c” key, and like all shortcuts, you are free to select another shortcut key if you wish. To change KB shortcut, use the “Studio One > Keyboard Shortcuts” menu.

What does “Undo” button (icon) do while Recording is in progress? (7:52)

While recording: Press “Undo” icon, or “Ctrl/Cmd+Z” and S1 will remove the current take, AND put the cursor back to the previous starting point for you, with that one command.

You MUST be in record mode (fluorescent color), for it to remove the previous take AND return the playhead cursor to the previous starting point.

TRY IT!! While recording, press the icon or KB shortcut.

What does “Reset” button do after you’ve recorded and stopped? (8:01)

The “Reset” button moves the cursor back to the previous starting point if you “Stop” your recording. Handy if you stopped, but intended to record again.

(Out of habit, doing it thousands of times, I will sometimes “Stop” when I intended to just “Undo”. This button is a win for those situations.)

TRY IT!!  Record something, then STOP, and click “Reset” so you know how it works. I promise you’ll find occasions where this will save you time/effort!

What does the “Record” (red “R” in circle) icon do? (9:51)

It’s an alternate “Record” button, identical to clicking the “Record” white circle in the Transport area, or pressing “R” (or whatever shortcut you assigned earlier.)

I very rarely use this button, it’s duplicated at the bottom of the screen in the “Transport” tools. I use the “R” shortcut rather than the mouse to start recording. It could even be removed from your toolbar if you wish (Details about customizing the Macro toolbar are covered in the Advanced S1 course).

How do I remove a button on the Macro Toolbar? (10:14)

Right-click is your friend for extra commands and details.

Hover over a button, right-click and use the “Remove Button” option to remove any tool on the toolbar.

IF you ever wanted, you can download the Macro toolbar again to get buttons you removed or assign an existing macro to another button in the future. Details on that are covered in the Advanced S1 course.

CORRECTION: “Revise > Ins Rec” button details in other videos

The “Revise > Ins Rec” button is covered in “Revisions: Short tracks, Artistic, More Flexible”.

Simple to use: While recording is running, use [Ins Rec] button to “Stop” your recording, and it will INSERT the new recording, moving everything else to the right.

That function may also be assigned to a KB shortcut if desired.

TRY IT!! Record a little segment over some existing audio, and before you “stop”, press this “Ins Rec” button. Or after you stop, immediately press the “Ins Rec” button. 

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