Edits: Zooming In for a Closer Look

Video Review – Details you want to know

See More Details? Zoom it

As always, if you are Zooming in to look at details too often, your recording isn’t as refined as it could be.

Zooming in IS helpful, but shouldn’t be something the majority do regularly. Again: Too much zooming/editing is a sign we have more refinement with our performing and recording.

Two shortcut keys for Horizontal Zooming In/Out (0:43)

Horizontal (side to side) Zoom:
The two keyboard shortcuts are “E” & “W” (lowercase).

W: “Wider” view of my audio (more minutes per screen)
E: “Examine” details, gets in closer…

Use those two to zoom in/out with the keyboard.

Sometimes I don’t remember which key zooms in/out, so I try one, and if it’s not the one I want, I do the other.


Zooming (Horizontal): Dragging Mouse (One of my favorites!) (1:23)

Move your mouse to the timeline, drag down to Zoom In (more details) or Up to Zoom Out (more audio on your screen)

Where you click/drag matters! S1 uses where you start as an anchor point if you drag straight down/up.

Pro Tip: “Alt/Option + W” is “Undo” for your last Zoom.

Which Direction should I drag to Zoom Timeline In/Out? (4:11)

Don’t worry about it!! Drag a bit up or down, if it’s the wrong way, just reverse and start dragging in the other direction.

After doing that a dozen times (plus/minus a dozen times), you’ll remember, and start doing it without thinking…

Super Zoom for Closeups: (4:41)

Press (Hold) Alt/Option+Shift and drag magnifying glass over the audio where you want to Zoom.

To reverse this action: (Zoom back to your starting point):
Hold same keys (Alt/Option+Shift) and click one time.

You can Zoom in multiple levels like this, and click multiple times to back out again.

DO IT!! You can’t just read about these Zoom options. Try them all a few times… Review this video in a couple of months, you’ll find another option might be even stronger for your current projects.

Alternate Zoom with Mouse (7:50)

With the mouse cursor inside Timeline, roll mouse wheel up/down. 

Not one I use very often, but if it works for you, DO IT! 

PRO TIP: UnZoom with “Alt/Option+W”

This is NOT in the video!

PRO TIP: AFTER Zooming in/out, the “Zoom Undo” is “Alt/Option+W” by default.  Use any of the other methods, then try this KB shortcut, it will return to the previous Zoom level.

You could remap to another KB shortcut if you wish.

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