FEC 1: Word-Salad Client Briefs

Video Review – Details you want to know

How do we narrow down a convoluted set of adjectives that client is asking us to sound like? (1:40)

It’s often helpful to narrow down their wish-list of descriptions to one, two, or maybe three that stand out and make sense to me. I’ll usually ignore the rest.

Narrowing it down helps us feel more focused and confident in our choices, and spent less time overthinking our reads.

I’m not experienced enough to have confidence in my editorial choices yet! (4:08)

That’s okay. Fake it! 🙂 We’re giving you permission to act a little bit arrogantly. Pretend that you’re ultra-confident in the choices you’re making. Over time, with practice and experience, you actually will be (without the actual arrogance, hopefully).

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