FEC 5: Big, Bold, and STILL Conversational

Video Review – Details you want to know

What kinds of voiceovers tend to require this unique kind of read? (0:18)

-YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

-Video Sales Letters

You can’t be very subtle with these kinds of ads! You HAVE to hook viewers/listeners right away, and you generally need to do it with lots of energy and enthusiasm…without being cornball and cheesy!

How do we wrap our minds around this hybrid style? (3:33)

We’re not trying to sound like old-school infomercial announcers; we’re trying to sound like ourselves…but heightened. Like we’re super-excited to share.

Should I expect to be great at this kind of read right away?

Probably not! You might need to practice your enunciation and your speed for a while to get good enough to go really fast when needed. Don’t expect it to be easy right away; it’s ok if it isn’t yet!

What Habits are we probably going to use on these scripts?

Cadence & Tempo…but usually with a faster baseline, and not as much variance as usual. But you still should use it! You almost never want to read any kind of script all at the same speed throughout.

You can still use Volume in a subtle way; you can sometimes read softly, but with lots of speed and urgency to give it a high level of intensity.

What’s a good way to work on my enunciation, diction, and speed? (13:48)

Tongue-twisters! They can seriously help us get better and this stuff. Find ones you like, and that challenge you, and practice them every day!

I don’t think my enunciation is at a high level yet. Should I be intimidated and daunted by reads like this? (15:01)

Not really. Your enunciation needs to be decent, but it actually doesn’t need to be perfect for some scripts like this. Many of these scripts are intended to be hyper-casual and conversational, so some imperfect enunciation can actually be a good thing in certain cases!

Why does getting good with my tech and my Punch & Roll technique help me with all of this stuff? (17:38)

When you’re set up to do Punch & Roll really well (and very quickly), you’re able to immediately re-voice any line, and not have any editing to do when you finish the read. It shortens your time, reduces your hassle and aggravation (by orders of magnitude), and ultimately helps you get more done, faster.

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