Keyboard Shortcuts for Recording

Video Review – Details you want to know

Where do I find “Keyboard Shortcuts” on the menu? (0:50)

From the menu: Studio One > Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are productivity upgrades for you. Learn the core shortcuts to save time/effort.

MAC: The “Studio One” menu is in the the far left, upper corner of the screen

PC: The menu is to the right, just to the left of “Help”

How do I set Record to the “R” key? (1:10)

Search for “Record” and scroll down until you find the one in the “Transport” section.

On the right side, click in the blank space below the two existing KB Shortcuts, so that NO existing shortcuts are blue (selected).

How do I set Undo+Restart to the “C” key? (3:18)

Search for “Undo” and find the “Undo +Restart…” in the “Macro” section.

Set it to the “C” (lowercase) key, and IGNORE the warning that the “C” key is already in use for the Click (Metronome). In our VO context, we don’t use/need the default shortcut.

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