Opening S1-First Time after Install

Video Review – Details you want to know

What’s the info I need for the first time I open Studio One? (0:54)

A current/valid “” account. You’ll need the email address and password used when that account was created.

You make that account before downloading S1.

That free account is what S1 uses to verify your license and to track which Edition of S1 is live for you. (Demo, Prime, Artist, Pro or Sphere.) 

It’s a free account and the home base for your software/hardware purchases from PreSonus. When you have any purchased version, you can download and install S1 on up to 5 of your own computers with each license you purchase.

Again: You’ll need the username/password you used to establish that account. If you can’t remember the password, go to the site and do a password reset on your account so you have the most current info available. 

What’s the first decision S1 asks me to make? (1:21)

When opened the first time, S1 presets a screen for downloading a large set of OPTIONAL downloads.

You can simply close that dialog!

Those downloads are focused on music production, and you can easily download all that content later via the “Studio One > Studio One Installation…” menu IF you start working music in S1 (or you just want to mess around.)

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