Quick Start – Export Audio – Foundations

Video Review – Details you want to know

What are the two main Export cases we’ll have? (0:40)

You Export the complete track from beginning to end, or just a subset where you decide the start/end points.

What does this “Stems” term mean for our purposes? (2:02)

For VO work, “Stems” translate to “Tracks”.

In music recording, there are additional details/nuance that don’t apply to us.

Why do we usually want the “Between Song Start/End Marker” selected? (2:45)

Behind the scenes, S1 is using the “Start/End” markers to set the length of the Export.

Export Range option #2 (“Between Song Start/End Marker”) exports the track without additional details that are added with other options.  (We don’t use #4 which seems similar, except in special cases.)

What’s a “Marker Track”? (3:29)

A dedicated “track” or space where the Markers live, and when “open” (visible), it lives just below the Timeline(s).

It can be hidden (default) or visible, just like nearly every other track in S1. The menu to display/hide the Marker track is a toggle.

Why do we need to make sure our track is Active for it to export correctly? (5:14)

The “Active Track” is the “reference track(s)” for S1 and the macros to set the Start/End markers. 

The total length of the Export “Active Track” is dependant on the length of the Active track(s). In other words: The far right side (end) of the Active track(s).

IF more than one track is “Active”, then the longest one is used to set the “End” Marker.

What other pitfalls do people sometimes encounter when trying to Export?

If you click on the Marker Track (or manually adjust a Marker) you are “Activating” the Marker TRACK. 

S1 will set the track length to zero IF the Marker Track is active, because it’s normally looking at “audio” but that doesn’t exist on the Marker Track.

Again: Select your preferred AUDIO track (with dialog and/or music) before starting the Export process. Total length of the Export depends on the Active Track audio.

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