Recording Wins: Punch and Roll Tips, Tricks and Refinements

Video Review – Details you want to know

Why be precise about your punch points? (0:39)

Getting the punch points right helps you get the timing AND matching right in the recording, rather than edit/adjusting after the fact (which takes far more time…)

What do I do if I have to drag punch point during editing? (1:04)

Adjust as needed for that punch, AND figure out what I could have tweaked during record time, then apply that to figure recordings.

S1 gives us significant refinement opportunities AFTER the fact, but you want to nail it during the recording!

What’s the secret to near perfect P&R techniques (1:26)

Those who read OUT LOUD during the Preroll AND match their timing/delivery, and continue without paying any attention to the software, get a major win.

When you’re doing it well, nobody will hear any punch points!

Amazing how good you get at this when you do it regularly.

How close can you match the timing/pace/feel of the original read? The closer the better!

What was the “Quick Playback” with the mouse? (bonus shortcut) (3:30)

A Double-click anyplace in the timeline starts/stops playback, from the point of the Double-click.

Instead of setting the cursor by clicking with the Range Tool (plus sign) or clicking in the Timeline, then pressing “Spacebar” to start playback, simply Double-click where you want playback to start (in the Timeline).

Once playback is in progress, you can single click to “jump” to another location and playback moves to the new click point.

TRY IT!! – Double-click in the timeline, playback starts. While playing, single-click in other places (or the same place to repeat the same playback.)

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