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Video Review – Details you want to know

NOTE: The “Start Page” is AKA the “Home Page”

In the upper right corner is a “Home” icon, taking you to this Start/Home page with a click. It’s always visible and this is your home base for working with new or previous files.

By default S1 opens to this page at startup.

How do I create a new project from the Start Page? (0:54)

Plus sign icon kicks off the “New” dialog, where you select an appropriate template, set a couple of details, and have some fun.

Alternately: Use the “File > New…” menu command is identical to clicking the “Plus Sign”.

How would I find past projects that I need to re-open? (1:01)

The “Recent Files” shows you the last couple hundred projects you worked on (scroll down to see more than the last 30 files…)


How can I quickly open the file folder where past projects are located? (1:40)

Right-click on any file in the list, and toward the bottom of the context menu you have the “Show in Explorer/Finder” menu option.

Click it to see the location of your file.

How could I Pin a file to the top of my Recent Files list? (3:24)

The “Pin” shows up as you hover over a file name, and move to the far left side. Click on the Pin icon when you see it. 

Pro Tip: Pinning a file adds it to the Pinned Group at the top of the list. You can expand or contract this list with the triangle to the left of the pinned group.

The file itself stays at its position in the list (shown in the order they were last opened), AND it is added to the “Pinned Group” at the top of the page. Your file does NOT disappear from it’s existing location, or move to the top, it’s listed in TWO places!

Where do I verify that the correct interface is active in S1? (5:24)

The center, bottom area shows your interface.

You can also click on the “Configure Audio Device” to change or just verify your current interface selected and its settings.

Where do I check for updates to S1, and why should I do that often? (6:34)

At the bottom, center column you’ll find “Check for Updates”.
Bonus: The Help menu also has a “Check for Updates” menu option too.

S1 has free updates every two to three months. They fix bugs, and add features. The incremental versions continue to add value by also adding “quality of life” features that make our recording jobs easier.

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