Tips & Tricks – Playback Shortcuts and Quick Looping

Video Review – Details you want to know

Using the Timeline to Quickly Play audio (0:37)

Move the mouse cursor into Timeline:

Double-click in Timeline starts playback (or stops).
It’s a toggle, just like pressing “Spacebar”.

What does single click in the timeline do while playing back audio? (0:52)

Once audio is playing (Double-click, or Spacebar to start playback). Then single-click in the timeline and the playback cursor jumps to that click location and continues playing from there.

How do you loop over audio, just using the mouse (AKA “Quick Loop”) (1:49)

Double-click to start playback, and don’t move the mouse.

Single-click in the same location to restart at the same point, and repeat that as many times as you wish to loop over the same section.

Super fast looping, without setting any loops, without turning “on” any looping.

What is “Autoscroll” and what do you do if the screen stops moving during playback?

“AutoScroll” is usually turned “On” (blue) when we are working audio in S1.

IF the cursor goes off the screen to the right, and the screen doesn’t change, glance to see if “AutoScroll” was accidentally turned off.

The default shortcut key is “F” (lower case) to toggle it on/off.

When the playhead cursor gets to the end of the screen, and audio is playing, S1 moves the screen so you can always see the audio under the playhead as long as AutoScroll is “On” (blue).

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