Tips & Tricks – Tweaking Volume on Sections, Quickly Splitting Audio, More…

Video Review – Details you want to know

How do I adjust Volume of a section of audio? (0:23)

Select an Event (or select a range, then double-click) and then grab the drag handle and pull down/up (or the top line).

You’ll visually see the audio adjust up/down depending on your drag direction. You can also go above the top of the track with your drags to increase volume too…

Splitting audio into smaller sections [Events] with Split tool (2:23)

Change the mouse cursor to the “knife” (AKA “Split tool”) and click where you want splits.


How do I use the Range Tool to split audio? (2:44)

Double-click in the top half of a track to put a split at the mouse cursor location.

In other words, when you see the Plus Sign mouse cursor, a double-click is the shortcut to split the audio.

It will sound IDENTICAL before/after the splits. By default, Splits are NOT heard, they are there for editing purposes.

How do I split both sides of my Range Selection and make a new Event? (3:06)

Select a range across some audio, double-click inside that range (top half) with the Range Tool, and you get TWO splits, making a new Event that matches the size of your selection.

This is 10x easier to watch/do than read about here.

TRY IT! And watch the video again if anything is unclear, it’s a great productivity shortcut.

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