S1 Adv: The Inside Dirt on Templates

“File > Save As Template…” is your friend.

The dialog box allows you to name, add a description/comment (optional) -OR- Replace (update) an existing template with your updated version.

Starts the same as Saving a Template the first time.

For Updates:

  • Menu: “File > Save As Template”
  • Use the “Replace Existing” link in the lower left corner
  • Select one of the existing templates you want to replace/update
  • Select “Open” (the template “Title” is filled in for you)
  • “Ok” the “Save As Template” dialog


Using the “Song > Remove Used Files…” menu.

S1 will remove all audio which is NOT being used in the template if you choose the “Yes” button.

Important: Careful with the “Delete Files Permanently” checkbox. That also deletes them from your drive. Note that S1 still puts the files in the Trash/Recycling bin, but does remove them from the original disk location.

Best Practice: Open a fresh copy of your template, MODIFY IT as needed rather than clearing audio from an existing file, then saving the template.

In an ideal world, you do NOT save a file as a template AFTER you have exported audio from it. S1 saves track sizes, colors, zoom levels, and so much more.

If you Exported from that file, it will have file names/locations which are also saved with the template. That is helpful in a few contexts, but rarely helpful for VO/Narration/Podcasting.

Well, this is the Advanced session, so you can do what you want.

Swearing is only helpful short-term, so selective swearing is preferred. 😉 

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