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Don “Expert Ears” Baarns is one of the world’s leading experts in voice recording & production. He’ll have you maximizing your quality and productivity in record time.

Over 110,000 audiobook chapters and tens of thousands of VO projects per year are produced using methods pioneered by Don and taught in his courses.

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“The world is a quiet place…until you start recording at home!”

- Don Baarns


Don's Vision

His coaching, video sessions and tools were developed and refined by thousands of hours of private sessions with clients, ranging from absolute beginners to expert-level students. Put all of that experience to work for YOU!

More than just a “tech guy”, Don started his adult life as a music recording engineer and a performing musician in Los Angeles. With decades of recording, production AND performance experience, he has a unique perspective on audio tech.

Don inspires and laughs with you, making the path more fun, interesting and productive as you’re working toward excellence.

Nobody knows the VO tech better, and nobody has better ears for maximizing your audio. It’s why even other engineers call Don to borrow his “Expert Ears” when they have issues they need solved.

Contact him today! Let Don assist you in making the most of the current tech with quality, high-productivity tools to maximize your results and business. Win more, and do it in less time with one of the best in the biz.

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