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Learn expert secrets, techniques, and insights that used to take years to learn,
combined with time-wasting trial and error,
or thousands invested in private lessons.

The most extensive RX course ever developed for people who want the most advanced techniques and cleanup tools.

Over 7 hrs of video, comprehensive written reviews with questions and answers! 

FREE, NEW!! (SALE)– RX Jumpstart v2 videos now included FREE
with this course! (2.5 hrs of new videos).

Plenty of review/overlap, but a nice bonus win for you!

Learn with video. Reinforce, comprehend and remember more with the reviews.

For you!

  • Izotope RX is a fantastic, high-end tool for cleaning and processing audio, and making it sound elite. For nearly a decade, Don Baarns has been the leading innovator in using RX for spoken-word audio
  • Now, you can get Don’s years of diverse, real-world experience, distilled into short, digestible, reviewable video training lessons
  • Learn dozens of advanced, little-known techniques and tips that will give you a competitive advantage over other editors and audio producers
  • This amount of hard-won experience and training would require over $3,000 and weeks of one-on-one private lessons with Don…but you can accelerate that learning and save yourself time and money now, while boosting your time-efficiency and earnings after mastering these techniques!

Invest in RX for Power Users right now…
Here’s everything you get, instantly!

18+ Video Modules

Maximize your value to clients, save more audio

SALE > FREERX Jumpstart v2 course BONUS now included

1: Intro - A Great Start with RX

Making the most of the major RX interface elements, with productivity hacks along the way.

Master the interface, speed up your workflow!

2: Transport and Playing Audio

RX has some unique capabilities for playing audio across the frequency spectrum.

3: Managing Files - Imports, Exports, Encoding

Getting audio into RX is easy. Manage and work with sets of files using shortcuts.

4: De-Clip - Saving Audio recorded too loud

De-clipping & distortion reduction for audio recorded too loud.

Analog and digital clipping solved.

5: Mouth De-click - Reducing Mouth Noise

Expert tips and tricks from the grandfather of the Mouth De-clicker.

6: Spectral De-Noise – Big Sister to Voice Denoise

A power user's friend.
A study in removing AC & hiss, and salvaging audio that normally wouldn't be usable without some RX love.

7: Voice De-Noise – Perfect tool for plenty of audio

Voice De-Noise is the powerful little sister to Spectral Denoise.

In many cases, it’s all you need; in others, it's a perfect partner with Spectral.

Know them both for maximum results!

8: Spectral Repair – POWER tool for distraction removal

Extremely powerful tool for reducing individual noises/sounds in your audio.

Thousands of uses from mic bumps, mouth noises, slamming doors, dog barks, clicks, pops, and more.

Your secret weapon for cleaner audio.

9: De-Plosive – Taming those popping sounds

Taming the popping sounds from our clients. De-Plosive and alternate techniques explored.

10: De-Essing – Reducing the sibilance

Cutting the extra “S” sizzle in some dialog.

11: De-reverb: Standard and Advanced Versions

Reducing Reverb with tools from both RX Standard and RX Advanced.
A power user tool, making dialogue much easier to understand.

12: Dialogue Isolate: Removing Backgrounds – Extreme Noise

RX Advanced Exclusive:
Power tool for reducing changing background noise behind dialogue. 

Clarify dialogue with tough-to-process backgrounds.

13: EQ Match – Two locations sounding similar

Multi-location recordings can sound much closer with this tool. (Advanced only)

Listeners won't know the voices are miles apart.

14: Spectral Recovery: Bringing compressed audio back to life

Audio from Zoom, Zencaster, and compressed file formats can all be missing details.
RX can fill in the blanks for you.

15: Setups for Success: Productivity Hacks & Best Practices

Expert tips, tricks, hacks, and productivity wins for you! 

16: Module Chains & RX 7 Batch Processor

Workflow wins for you!

Cut your editing/processing time for repeat clients, or similar audio from the same client.

17: Advanced Module Chain Tips/Tricks

Powerful, advanced Module Chain tips and tricks for RX 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Save your processing steps for future use, save time, and improve productivity.

18: Batch Processing in RX 10, 9 & 8

RX 10/9/8 features a super upgrade to the Batch Processor tool.
Take advantage of this powerful tool for processing large sets of similar audio. 

This is one of the major changes after RX 7, one of our favorite changes!

About Your Instructor

My name is Don Baarns, and I’ve spent years studying, optimizing, and teaching RX to people just like you! I’ve given thousands of private lessons to folks who are setting up and using RX ranging from total beginners, to seasoned pro editors.

Now, you can tap into that knowledge and convenience…on your own time!

I’ve worked with tens of thousands of audio files, solving issues most editors haven’t even seen in their careers. Few send me easy cases anymore; they send me their toughest audio challenges to save, enhance, and process.

I started with RX 3, long before it was the tool used so extensively by audio editors.

You get expert tips/tricks and productivity hacks condensed from years in the studio saving, fixing, and processing audio.

Don't Be Intimidated Anymore!

These 18 video modules will be available for you to review as many times as you want…
Buy once, and enjoy unlimited access!

Each module includes a comprehensive review, helping you lock in what you’ve just learned, and find answers later when you are searching for solutions for your audio.

What People Are Saying...

"RX has become a critical part of our workflow. Most podcast guests are not radio professionals, and there is often lots of noise, reverb, and other problems to fix in post-production. If you edit other people's audio, especially in this era of remote recording, this is a no-brainer. Get it now, get it now!"
Adrian McIntyre, PhD (Radio Host & Podcast Producer)
Having fun, while cutting editing time IN HALF!
"Not only am I learning a lot, but it's also fun to watch. I've watched other RX tutorials where you're struggling to stay awake (and getting wrong info). When I got to the end of Module 6, I checked how long it was, and I was surprised to see that I just watched 30 minutes on the topic; it only felt like 10.

I've had a lot of problems with mouth noise in the past, and it made editing kind of a nightmare...now that I both learned Don's tricks to using Mouth De-Click and unlearned some false info I got from elsewhere, a single pass of Mouth De-Click has gotten rid of 95% of mouth clicks in the recording. After a second pass, I can't hear any mouth noise. I'm going to guess that this will probably halve my editing time. It's a little hard to believe, to be honest."
Dave Andrea (Narrator and Producer)
Rich Understands the Value of Don's Expertise
“I invested in Don's courses because I needed a tool, not another hobby.”
Rich Garifo (Voice Talent)
Dale is sold
"As an 'old guy' who was born into analog radio gear back in the early 70s, Don's new RX course is, using Don's catchphrase, 'Gold!' Don't be fooled; there's no reason why you couldn't apply this material to your own audio if you chose to. This course is easy to recommend."
Dale Nihiser (Voice Talent)
Michelle loves having this knowledge
"Jumping on the bandwagon and saying how much I love Don's new RX course. Even if I never end up having to use some of these tools (like De-Ess or De-Reverb), it's pretty empowering to know what they do and HOW to use them."
Michelle Lee (Voice Talent)

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If you can’t see value from this course within the next 30 days, I demand that you fire us from your business and you get your refund.

But I’m confident you’ll learn and grow from this training, and that you’ll send us a testimonial telling us how much time it’s saved you in your projects!

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions (click to reveal answers):

This is designed for RX Version 8, 7 & 6 ADVANCED and Standard. 

95% of the content absolutely applies to RX 9 and 10 too!

Some modules are Advanced ONLY, where possible we show best practices & workarounds for Standard users.

If you’re using an earlier version, we strongly recommend you upgrade (whether you buy our course or not!)

Videoed in RX 8 Advanced, but 80% is using Standard tools AND applies to v7 too.

A Dedicated video for RX 8 Batch Processing IS included with the course.  (That is the primary change from 7 to 8 and beyond.)

Absolutely! Join over 8,500 other people in our Facebook group:

Don started this group over 8 years ago, long before RX was the “go-to” tool for the pros, and those looking for audio excellence.

Today he’s one of the world’s leading experts in using RX to enhance Voice Over, Audiobooks and Podcasts.

You’ll have unlimited access. Come back to view the videos or download files any time you need to!

Easy! Just email Support@Redbaarnsaudio.com with your Paypal email address, and we’ll issue a refund as soon as possible.

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Using fun, real-world examples from film, television, and voiceover scripts, this course will equip you with advanced, actionable techniques that will set you apart in the hyper-competitive VO world! Learn how to harness the full potential of your voice, allowing you to convey nuance and emotion effortlessly.

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