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We teach you RX... ​From Scratch!

What People Are Saying...

Transformed: From clueless to comfortable
"The RX Jumpstart course totally transformed the quality of my audio product and the efficiency of my process. I knew nothing about RX when I started and was delighted to find myself moving from clueless to comfortable to capable of trouble shooting needed adjustments on my own. I can’t recommend this course enough!!"
Cara Firestone
Audiobook Narrator
Game Change for Marco
"RX Jumpstart has been a game changer for me. Don makes the challenging parts of the technology so easy to understand. It was invaluable for me during the set up, but I go back to re-watch certain parts when I need to. Having this in my back pocket has saved me time and made me money."
Marco Rigazio
Voice Talent
No Editors - Focused on Performance!
"When I came into this, I decided to go with somebody who really knows -- Don -- and have him teach me correctly so this would work for the rest of time. It saved me a ton of money because now I'm not having to go to an editor, and it saves me the time so that I can focus on performance. So efficiency is way up, and I can have the confidence that everything's gonna go through, because it was set up correctly."
Maria McCann
Audiobook narrator
Pinnacle of RX training material
"The RX Jumpstart course is at the pinnacle of RX training material. The presentation makes learning RX fun and engaging thanks to Donny and Don. The knowledge I've gained from the RX Jumpstart course along with its implementation has improved the quality of my finished audio. In the end, a satisfied client can become a repeat client!"
Dale Nihiser
Voice Talent
Tom is Impressed!
"Don’s RX jumpstart videos are amazing. Learned so much the first time through, and still learn more every time I watch. So much great information!"
Tom Albright
Narrator, Voice Overs, Public Speaker
Bill loves the return on investment!
“If you value your time, this is worth every penny.”
Bill Lord
Audiobook Narrator
Beginners and Experts find value
"The best VO training dollar you can spend for either Studio One or RX. A goldmine of productivity hints filled with nuggets for even the experienced user."
John Oak
Audiobook Narrator
Actors can master their own!
"I knew NOTHING in terms of editing sound files for any type of production, as my background is in opera, theatre, and musical theatre. I'm a performer, so the tech side was like a foeign lanugaue to me. A week after taking the RX Jumpstart, I landed my first audiobook gig and have now produced and edited 5 audiobooks all by myself, and the fifth was put up for nomination for an Audie Award! Five more are in production and I just sent out my first animated work, all edited by me in RX! No outsourcing required! TAKE THE COURSE! I've already made every penny I've spent on it many times over, and Don is an invaluable asset when it comes to supporting your Jumpstart Journey!"
Benjamin Koenig
Actor - Audiobook Narrator
Highly Recommended and 'would buy again!'
"RX is... complicated to say the least. Also as close to magic as it comes. I'd used it to do some basic audio repair, but was lost on getting audio books approved by ACX/Audible. Don's courses are very well laid out, jam-packed, and the macro bars are worth the entire cost alone. This was certainly one of the best investments I made in myself this year. Highly recommended and "would buy again!" A real stress reliever if you're serious about this!"
Eric Bryant
Audiobook Narrator
Bob masters it!
"RX is an amazing tool. But like any advanced tool, you may be able to muddle through. But you will never get the full value of the tool without adequate training. I believe the RX Jumpstart courses moved me from apprentice to journeyman to master in record time. It was an investment that significantly increased the value of the tool to me and the quality of my recordings."
Bob McCoy
Audiobook Narrator
Even Experienced RX Users Will Learn New Things
"I, myself, know a lot about this stuff. But even in the first module, I learned some things that would otherwise have taken me more time to look up in a manual or research with YouTube videos - or even from the help and videos on the iZotope website itself. Guys. Take advantage of Don's years of practical experience with RX and how it can help you sound like a cleaner, better you on your VO and audiobook work."
James Romick
Voiceover Actor & Singer

Join RX JumpStart v2 right now…
Here’s everything you get, instantly!

18 Video Modules teaching the fundamentals of RX

1: Intro to RX 10 (and beyond)

Prepare to have RX demystified! Master the interface, find the tools you need to speed your production, and how to navigate around the interface!

2: Screen Overview

Foundational: What is where? Getting a handle on where things are, the most used/important areas for processing voice.

3: Working with Files

Sure, it's simple, but these are pro-level tips for Importing, Opening/Closing
Saving, Exporting and more...

4: Repair Assistant - A Quick Win!

Using Repair Assistant to get something out the door ASAP. This is a "I need it now, at this minute to get audio for a client" session.

5: Common Elements Across Modules

Speed up your workflow, leverage your understanding. Learn details once, use them across all RX tools/modules.

6: Reduce Screen Clutter

Set up your workspace to save time, and get the most important tasks handled quickly.

7: Waveform Stats

Knowing the stats for before/after processing. What's important, what's not, and serving suggestions for making the most of your audio production.


Reducing noise in almost all home studies, without changing your voice!! It might be called "EQ", but it's a transparent upgrade for all.

9: De-Click

A win when applied appropriately before Mouth De-click.. Under appreciated due to so many mis-using this tool.

10: Mouth De-click

Optimized for Voice, amazingly transparent. This a foundational tool, occasionally mistaken for De-click. One of Don's "Big 5" tools.

11: Spectral De-noise

Big sister tool to Voice De-noise. Handles tougher noise (AC, fan noise, hum, rumble and more...) A pro level tool with more complexity, but also more results when needed.

12: Voice De-noise

Faster and optimized for voice. Learn to use this for the majority of your denoising needs. Some spaces only need this denoiser, some do better with both denoisers combined.

13: Spectral Repair

Magic for polishing your audio. Pro tweaks, remove distractions! Amazing tool for spot cleaning audio. Easily remove occasional sounds (mic/desk bumps, squeaky chairs, stomach growls, and far more)

14: Instant Process

Almost magic: Drag a rectangle and RX uses Spectral Repair, reducing that sound based on what's around it. Saves time when you need to "spot clean" audio. Can't live without it!

15: Module Chains

Productivity Enhancement! Set up a series of steps, run them on any open audio with one click!
Save the series for apply to future audio too, leveraging your time/efforts.

16: Batch Processing

Huge productivity win after you create your Module Chains. Leverage your Module Chains to process one to a couple hundred files with just a few clicks.

17: RX as Plug-ins

Most tools can be used in your DAW. Should you? Will it save you time? How to do it, and the trade-offs you're making when doing so.

18: Best Practices

Productivity Tips, Tricks and Traps! Cut production time, improve your audio, and do it with the least amount of effort

About Your Instructor

My name is Don Baarns, and I’ve spent years studying, optimizing, and teaching RX to people just like you! I’ve given thousands of private lessons to folks who are setting up and using RX for the first time, and now, you can tap into that knowledge and convenience…on your own time!

We revamped the complete course based on feedback from our huge community of existing users.
This course focuses on RX 10 and beyond. 95% of the details also apply to RX 7 to 9, and the previous generation of RX Jumpstart is still available at a wildly discounted price for those who want both…

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If you can’t see value from this course within the next 30 days, I demand that you fire us from your business and you get your refund.

But I’m confident you’ll learn and grow from this training, and that you’ll send us a testimonial telling us how much time it’s saved you in your projects!

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions (click to reveal answers):

This is designed for RX Version 10 (Standard) and beyond!

RX 10 builds on the foundation from previous RX versions, 95% of the material also applies to RX 7, 8 & 9.

Contact us if you want to purchase the legacy RX Jumpstart v1. It was made for the previous versions.

Absolutely! Join over 8,100 other people in our Facebook group:

Don started this group over 8 years ago, long before RX was the “go-to” tool for the pros, and those looking for audio excellence.

Today he’s one of the world’s leading experts in using RX to enhance Voice Over, Audiobooks and Podcasts.

You’ll have unlimited access. Come back to view the videos or download files any time you need to!

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